we help families.

Parenting is tough, and we know it. That’s why at A Child’s Haven, we commit to team with parents whose children qualify for our help.

Every child wants the love and care of parents, but in homes with unusual need, a child also needs special assistance based on decades of research. Our program allows children to get both.

Since we are here to help children and their families, we always welcome questions from parents. Whether your child is already a part of A Child’s Haven or not, please feel free to share your thoughts with us. We can do more together.

what we do:


The first years of a child’s life are critical, and we commit to 4 hours of clinical treatment with each child, 5 days each week.


We visit each child’s home at least twice each month, checking in on the child and giving guidance to the family as they need it.


We also offer parent education classes and ongoing Parents Anonymous support groups to help the family grow.

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how does my child qualify?

  • 1 Children (ages 2-5) must have a delay in social emotional development or a behavioral concern.
  • 2 They must be assessed (we use the Developmental Profile 3, Achenbach Child Behavioral Checklist, Ages and Stages Social Emotional Questionnaire)
  • 3 Parents must agree to be active participants in the child’s treatment.

what the
classroom is like?

ACH Blue Room


  • How do I know if ACH is the right place for my child?
  • ACH serves children between the ages of 2-5 who have emotional, social, and/or behavorial delays.  Some examples of delay in behavior are: excessive temper tantrums, isolation from peers, excessive crying, failure to show appropriate affection, and struggle with everyday routines. Sound familiar? Call your primary care doctor to discuss.
  • How is my child referred to ACH?
  • ACH received referrals from any professional service provider, such as: family doctor, mental health therapist, speech/physical, occupational therapist
  • What about transportation for my child?
  • ACH works with families to develop a workable plan for transportation.  ACH provides bus services for some families; this decision is based on family needs as well as bus availability.
  • Will I pack my child's lunch?
  • ACH provides both a healthy breakfast and lunch for all children enrolled in our program.
  • What are the parent responsibilites once a child is enrolled in ACH?
  • We believe that children can only thrive when they are in healthy, happy, well-functioning environments that support their growth.  Therefore, when a child is enrolled, the family is enrolled as well.  Each family is assigned a counselor to help support them as they support their child.  Family Support Counselors spend an average of four hours a month with families to help ensure they have the skills needed to support and sustain their child's growth.