your tax-deductible gift helps them give more.

Did you know that when you invest in the lives of at-risk children, you’re investing in the future of our community?

Research has shown that for every $1 spent on programs like A Child’s Haven, $3 is returned to the public treasury, through a reduced need for juvenile and adult programs and an increased contribution of each person to his or her community.

Think about your own childhood. What difference would it have made for someone to invest in making your life richer?

Whether you want to leave a legacy gift or donate toward our Wish List (see below), give what you can. We thank you in advance for helping us to serve our community.

found a

Harley and his mother were homeless when he joined us. Within his very first year, Harley began to thrive and soon entered "Big School."


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our wishlist

The following are supplies or equipment we are currently in need of:

    • batteries

    • grocery store gift cards

  • family restaurant gift cards

  • festive plates/napkins for birthdays & holidays

  • pull ups

  • flushable wipes

The following categories represent on going needs at A Child’s Haven. If you’d like to designate your gift, consider choosing one or more of the categories below and naming them above as your Wish List contribution.

  • toys

  • crafts

  • class photos

  • bus fund

  • staff training

  • technology

  • field trips

  • parent education

  • picnics & parties

  • volunteer program