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It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child. At A Child’s Haven, we understand what that means.

The life of a child affects so many others within a community, and it’s worth the investment to mentor that child, to support and give the help that’s needed.

But Early Childhood Education is not a topic that many in our community are familiar with. Many don’t know, for instance, how critical those early years are, and how we can help to make our community stronger in the future by investing in at-risk children today.

Whether you know an at-risk child, whether you want to help or simply want to learn, we’d love to help. We’re all a part of this community.


Two-year-old Gracie was socially isolated and emotional under-developed. Her personalized treatment helped her to transition into a regular preschool program.


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The Importance of the Early Years

Recent medical research has shown that children’s developing brains can be damaged by stresses, such as poverty, neglect and abuse. Without aggressive intervention, this damage can become permanent and lead to a lifetime of suffering that affects an entire community — through substance abuse, poor school performance, depression and violence.

At-Risk Children are an Investment

Some of America’s top economists and business leaders — such as Nobel winner James Heckman and Art Rolnick, the Senior VP for Research at the Federal Reserve — are sold on investing in young children at risk. Their research shows a $3 return to the public treasury for every $1 invested in programs like A Child’s Haven. That’s better than any other economic development initiative.


Effects of Childhood Stress on the Brain

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frequently asked questions

Is A Child’s Haven a “regular” day care center?

No. A Child’s Haven is a specialized treatment center for pre-school children with developmental delays in their social, emotional, and/or behavioral development. Children’s delays are assessed on a series of tests to determine their eligibility for this program.

Is A Child’s Haven Program only for the children?

No. A Child’s Haven works with the child and the adult caregivers of that child. Those caregivers are usually the biological parent or parents but might also be another family member or a Foster Parent. We work with the whole family to address the issues presented by the child. In fact, two thirds of our Program focuses on the adults and their role in the child’s success.

Do your children go to ‘regular’ schools when they finish with your Program?

Yes. After reaching their individual goals and successfully completing their treatment program 95% of our children are at their age appropriate levels in either Pre-K or Kindergarten within one year of discharge.

I have a big heart and I love working with and helping children. Can I get a job at A Child’s Haven?

Maybe. Caring and having a passion to help these young children is certainly required. However, a staff person here must also meet certain educational requirements. Our Classroom teachers must have a college degree – preferably in Early Childhood Development. Our Family Practitioners who lead Parent Education Classes and conduct In-Home Visitation and Case Management must have a Master’s degree in Social Work or Family Therapy and we prefer licensed professionals. For more information on employment at A Child's Haven, please click here.